Low Parcel Postage to USA


Have you planned anything for your next holiday? If you haven’t got any plan, you had better consider spending your holiday in USA. This country offers you with diverse tourist attractions. There are so many gorgeous attractions that you will need many days to visit all of them. Some of you may thing that having a long holiday in this country will cost you a lot of money. However, it is not always so. You can enjoy a long US vacation on budget. You can even travel light on this long holiday because you can ship your suitcase to the hotel.

If you are worried about the cost of this shipping, you must forget it. Parcel postage to USA is affordable. Therefore, your vacation budget will not go sky rocketing. Unfortunately, not all shipping companies offer low shipping cost to this country. Some of them charge you with expensive rate that isn’t worth the service you get. You need to choose the shipping company carefully so that you get high quality shipping service at low cost.

One of the international courier services that charge you with low shipping rate is Courier Point. You don’t need to question the quality of its shipping services. This experienced courier company has been established since 2001. And it has been delivering parcels to many countries around the world. And those parcels are always delivered as schedule and without any scratches. Most of the customers of this shipping company are happy with the service and come back again to use this service.  One of the things that make them come back is the cost of the shipping.

Courier Point shipping rate is very affordable. The shipping cost to USA starts from £12.58. Sending a heavy suitcase to this country will cost you inexpensive rat if you choose economy delivery service or value economy.